Thursday, March 25, 2010

Financiality. Probably not a word.

Not much time for EVE in the last week or so. Been away for work, so I set my skills to train and away I went. I'm looking forward to getting back on tonight and cruising with my corp mates.

I'd be interested in seeing a study on how a little bit of financial help early on in the game can help a new player stay interested for longer. I've had some friends join EVE over the last few months and it's interesting to see how they view the game as a result of this help. One friend received nothing upon starting his character and has since lost interest in the game, claiming it was too hard to make money. Of course, due to the steep learning curve, this can be explained by not understanding the many ways in which to maintain good ISKflow.

My other friend has received substantial financial help from my corp, so that after only ten days or so of play, he has about 20mil ISK in his account. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying his time in-game and I can see him staying with it for some time.

When I first started I didn't receive any help and after only a few weeks, I let my account go into suspended animation. After I reactivated a few months ago, I was helped out and have found my enjoyment of the game has substantially increased.
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Fly often!

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