Thursday, March 25, 2010

Financiality. Probably not a word.

Not much time for EVE in the last week or so. Been away for work, so I set my skills to train and away I went. I'm looking forward to getting back on tonight and cruising with my corp mates.

I'd be interested in seeing a study on how a little bit of financial help early on in the game can help a new player stay interested for longer. I've had some friends join EVE over the last few months and it's interesting to see how they view the game as a result of this help. One friend received nothing upon starting his character and has since lost interest in the game, claiming it was too hard to make money. Of course, due to the steep learning curve, this can be explained by not understanding the many ways in which to maintain good ISKflow.

My other friend has received substantial financial help from my corp, so that after only ten days or so of play, he has about 20mil ISK in his account. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying his time in-game and I can see him staying with it for some time.

When I first started I didn't receive any help and after only a few weeks, I let my account go into suspended animation. After I reactivated a few months ago, I was helped out and have found my enjoyment of the game has substantially increased.
Comments or thoughts welcome!
Fly often!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the Facebook obituary

I've lost a few people in my life recently. Well, over the past year or so. I found out that a guy i knew (very briefly) had passed away last week. I actually went onto facebook to find a pic of this person, as I was told by a mutual friend that I had met him, but for the life of me I couldn't remember him.

What struck me as different - not bad or even strange, is that in this digitally connected age, facebook is providing a unique service. I checked this persons page and found that the page, while still being active, had actually become a type of living obituary for him. Mates were posting condolences for the family and reminiscing on good times that they had shared. I found the pics that I was looking for. He was vaugely familiar, I know that I had met him while I was stationed in Kuwait and he was passing through, but I still don't recognise fully him even from the photos.

It also happened last year. A brother of a couple of mates of mine passed away in a motorbike accident and his facebook page lived on, people posting how much they will miss him and how he made their lives brighter.

Another example was my cousin that passed, also a motorbike accident. He lives on through his partners facebook page, everyone who knew him keeps his memories alive with photos and stories. I find it very heartening and, i guess, a re-affirmation of my faith in the human race to be able to love and remember the ones they love while living in this physically disconnected age.

As to the relevance to EVE? Absolutley none. mofo. Deal.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Windows7 + EVE

I know it's a little off topic (good start for the second post) but I've just experienced my first 'crash' while using Windows7. I've been using it for about three months now and this is the first time any major error has cropped up. The desktop became unresponsive and only the taskbar remained useable. I was still able to launch programs (most importantly EVE :) and it did not require a reboot.

How does this relate to EVE you ask? Well, thinking on the topic, i realised that 7 has been a very stable platform for me to run my EVE client on. I am usually running two clients at a time and I haven't yet had a crash.

I understand that this is only my second post and, more than likely, no-one will stumble across this blog for some time; however, let me know your experiences with Windows7 and EVE or even some of your more memorable crashes with earlier OS's. E.g what ships or loots etc you have lost due to a catastrophic failure of Windows.
Keep on truckin'!

Welcome to the Exile's Flight

Welcome to the first post of this new blog.

A little about myself. I go by the handle M Exile within this great game and I am new to the whole blogging thing. I live in Australia and have been playing Eve for about three months now, although I've had my character for about two years now.

At the moment you would probably classify me as a typical carebear, although I will soon be making the transition to pvp, proabaly in some sort of Caldari Frigate (suggstions and loadouts welcome =)

Well, introductions out of the way, a little about the blog. I intend to make semi-regular posts, probably weekly or bi-weekly updates. (possibly with profanity). There may be some short fiction stories involved. I'm not quite sure exactly what it is that I'll be writing about, whether it be my adventures, my comments on the game or comments on other peoples comments. Confused yet?

I'll also let it be known, i'm not one of these people that say 'oh, I only write for my own sake, I don't care if people read it or not, blah fucking blah blah blah.' I want people to read. I want comments. I want flames on my stupid ideas. I'm a grown up (although my wife wouldn't agree) and I can handle it.

Once again welcome, and Enjoy!