Friday, March 12, 2010

Windows7 + EVE

I know it's a little off topic (good start for the second post) but I've just experienced my first 'crash' while using Windows7. I've been using it for about three months now and this is the first time any major error has cropped up. The desktop became unresponsive and only the taskbar remained useable. I was still able to launch programs (most importantly EVE :) and it did not require a reboot.

How does this relate to EVE you ask? Well, thinking on the topic, i realised that 7 has been a very stable platform for me to run my EVE client on. I am usually running two clients at a time and I haven't yet had a crash.

I understand that this is only my second post and, more than likely, no-one will stumble across this blog for some time; however, let me know your experiences with Windows7 and EVE or even some of your more memorable crashes with earlier OS's. E.g what ships or loots etc you have lost due to a catastrophic failure of Windows.
Keep on truckin'!

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